kitesurfinglessonImage credit: tac1980.

Kiteboarding can kill you if you dont know what your doing. Always, ALWAYS, always, always take a beginner kiteboarding lesson when first learning how to kiteboard.

Imagine being attached to a 200hp motorboat which you have to control while your wakeboarding behind it. That is essentially what kiteboarding is. Now, imagine that its your first time on such a “self controlled wakeboard-motorboat”. Do you really think that, in your first time out, your going to be able to do all the following at the same time:
1. Control the speed, direction of the boat
2. Balance on the board so you dont fall off
3. Keep your bearings so you can return back to shore when your tired
4. Keep an eye out for rocks, debris and waves so you dont get thrown off the board
5. Control the boat after you’ve fallen off your board.

As a beginner, 99% of your time will be spent in just figuring out how to just get on the board itself. Ie, you would be lucky to just do item number 2 listed above and you can forget about doing anything else. Now imagine yourself falling off the board (but still attached to the boat) and losing control of the boat while its charging at the shore at 40mph.  This is how dangerous kiteboarding can be if your a rank beginner.

Not a pretty scenario, right? Thats why I implore everyone who reads this blog to take a lesson when your beginning kiteboarding.

Some of the basic benefits of a kiteboarding lesson are:

  1. Understand the Safety aspects of kiteboarding
  2. Understand what kind of weather conditions, environment is safe to kiteboard in as a beginner
  3. Understand and practice self rescue.
  4. Understand and practice setting up your own equipment

So please go take a lesson. Sometimes I feel that kiteboarding should have licensing rules like cars and boats do.

This blog has some good information about kiteboarding but is no substitute for a kiteboarding lesson. If you read the information in this blog first then you’ll get much more out of your lesson and even minimize the number of lessons you will need to take to start kiteboarding.

Be safe and may the wind be with you.