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Heaven is a place where you can kiteboard from 10am to 4pm, then grab a beer while watching the sunset on soft white sand beaches, get to feast on exquisite lobster and shrimp for cheap, party the night away  and get to do it all over again the next day.

Such a place does exist on this good earth and its called Cabarete and is situated in on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Cabarete kiteboarding lessons are some of the cheapest in the world. This combined with a great night life makes this one spot I recommend to all beginners. In Cabarete you can easily enjoy a vacation, take a large number of lessons and buy a kite a for the same cost as just taking kiteboarding lessons in the US.

Rating for beginners: 4/5

The Wind

The wind is what we all come for. Around 1pm it kicks in and the whole town comes to life on the water.

During most of the year 60% of the days or more are kiteable. Best months: Jan to Jun-July. Its usually around 15-22+ mph.


There are many, many kiteboarding schools which offer one of the most affordable introductions to kiteboarding on the planet. KiteExcite, SkyRiders are some examples. The large number of schools means that you can usually get a very good price.

No Wind Activities

A great thing about Cabarete is that there is a huge number of things to do if the wind is not blowing.

  • Spelunking,
  • Hiking up and down waterfalls,
  • Horseback Riding,
  • World Class Diving,
  • Snorkelling
  • Lagoon trips and much much more.

Apres Kiteboarding

Bars/Clubs –  there are quite a number of bars here. Even one irisih pub. The clubs play anything from regaetton to hip-hop and that too very very loud.

Restaurants - amazingly you can find very good restaurants here because of the large number of expatriates. The local cuisine is also very good.


Peak Season:   Dec 15 – Jan 15
Hight Season: Jan 15- Apr 15 / Jul 1 – Sep 15
Low Season: Sep 15 – Dec 15 / Apt 15 – Jun 30

Hotel Rates

There are many options from really expensive to the really cheap. From 60 dollars a night to more than 400 a night for expensive options.

General Information

Nearest Airport : Peruto Plata (POP)

Visa Restrictions: These might have changed but if you have a Greencard or if you are a US citizen then you can get a visa on arrival. Please check your nearest Dominican Republic consulate for more information.