Image credit: Xavier Donat.
This website is built with the beginner kitesurfer in mind. If your new to kitesurfing and want to get your head around the sport then this is the site for you.

The following are good starting points to read the blog. Feel free to browse freely.

What is kiteboarding?
How do I get started kitesurfing (kiteboarding)?
How dangerous is kitesurfing?
Why are kitesurfing lessons so important?
7 Things To Do Before Your First Kiteboarding Lesson

Kiteboarding (aka kitesurfing) is a tough sport to learn if you dont know what your doing. Its a sport of many many variables which you have to be aware of :

  1. The kite + lines
  2. The tide
  3. The direction of the wind
  4. The layout of the beach
  5. The board
  6. The waves and chop
  7. Where to park the damn car!

This blog hopes to give you an understanding of how to rein in all these variables so that you enjoy the sport of kitesurfing SAFELY! Safety should be the number one concern. Your understanding of kitesurfing safety will be what improves your confidence and consequently your skill in kitesurfing.

Keep it tuned here for more.